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A wraith with an angel's body
A demon with a smile of gold
You soulsucker
I won't become like you
A killer with the perfect weapons, crystal eyes, and a heart of coal
You soulsucker
I won't lose myself in you

Look how pretty she is when she falls down
Now there is no beauty in bleeding mascara
Lip are quivering like a withering rose
She's back again

What the fuck do you think love means?
It's much more than words and feelings sucking me dry
Is my marrow that sweet?
Your dead lovers have left a trail of broken hearts and misspent hopes
Sucking them dry
Does their marrow taste of sweetness, sweetness?

I hope you choke

It's more than words and more than feelings, sucking me dry

atreyu~bleeding mascara<3
26.10.06 11:40

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